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春の遠足☆Tennoji Zoo 英語 保育園 24時間 大阪

It was a beautiful sunny day for our excursion to the Tennoji Zoo.
The Fuse, Shinsaibashi, and Yotsubashi kids and staff were very excited about the day ahead.
When we entered the zoo, group photos were taking of the kids and staff,
then we were off on our foot.
First, we saw flamingo's Hippos and some fish, the path lead us round to the next spot with zebras, giraffes and emus all the animals were very beautiful and the kids could finally see with their own eyes what they have been learning at Always.

We saw some lions which were sleeping, so we moved on quickly to have lunch in the park area. We had our lunch and the kids had a nice play as they were very excited about being at the zoo.
We would on as there was a lot to see in such a short period of time.

Penguins and wolves were next on the last of things we saw, followed by a nice walk around to the monkeys we saw many types and all were playful we had to walk around through a jungle style boardwalk before we crossed paths with a huge elephant.
The kids had walked quite few by this stage so we decided to have a rest and a snack for 10 minutes. After our rest, we moved on to the Koala museum, the kids all loved this part of the tour and so did I being Australian. This was the last of our excursion, we then caught the train back to Always, the kids were exhausted from such a fun and exciting day.

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信頼の保育園 託児所
by always2006 | 2008-04-17 13:55 | 英語

トーマス先生の英語レッスン☆関西 保育園 英語教室 おけいこ

All types of weather, cold, hot
Types of clothing used in winter, jacket, long socks etc

Tom: Good afternoon, how are you?

Everyone: I'm fine, thank you.

Tom: So its....today.

Julian: Cold.

Tom: What are you wearing.

Everyone: Socks.

Julian: Aweater.

Tom: Why are you waring such clothes?

Everyone: Because it's ... cold.

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信頼の保育園 託児所
信頼の保育園 託児所
by always2006 | 2008-02-18 12:05 | 英語

What clothing do you wear in winter? ☆保育園 関西 大阪

【Monthly Target】
All types of weather, cold, hot
Types of clothing used in winter

【Today’s Topics】
Jacket, long socks etc
Winter: types of clothes the kids are wearing

【Today’s Lesson】
Tom: Hello, how are you?
Everyone: Fine, thank you.
Tom: Winter is ….
Everyone: cold!
Tom: What clothing do you wear in winter?
Julian: Warm clothing.
Tom: What clothes do you wear, T-shirts?
Everyone: No!
Tom: What clothes do you wear?
Julian: Jacket!
Hibari: Sweater!

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信頼の保育園 託児所
信頼の保育園 託児所
by always2006 | 2008-01-31 14:51 | 英語

Christmas Holidays☆Thomas teacher  24時間保育園 大阪 東大阪 心斎橋

I arrived in Sydney on a nice summer day.
A few days later I had my brothers wedding.
I spent the next few days leading up to Christmas at the beach and on the golf course with family and friends. Christmas day was spent with family over for lunch, lots of pork, turkey and Christmas pudding was eaten by all.
New Years was spent with friends watching fireworks and drinking Cola.

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信頼の保育園 託児所

by always2006 | 2008-01-22 14:46 | 英語

大晦日と新年の過ごし方☆ANDY 保育園 大阪 24時間 心斎橋 布施 梅田

On 31th of December, the family and all friends spent their time together with drinking and dancing. Exactly at 12:00 o’clock when the old year is turning to the new, we celebrate with very noisy and colorful fire works.
The New Years holiday on first of January is a quiet day. We remain the old year and make good wishes for the new one. I always hope to leave bad ghosts in the past and wish good luck for everybody.


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信頼の保育園 託児所


by always2006 | 2008-01-18 12:03 | 英語

Christmas ☆ By Andy 大阪 保育園 心斎橋 東大阪 梅田 四ツ橋

On 24th of December in the evening I’m always looking forward to see Santa Claus, who is coming to bring fantastic presents for all members of the family and their friends.
When we sit closed to our Christmas tree, I feel warm and wish that all people in the world would be as happy as I’m in that moment.
The 25th and 26th, which are holiday in Europe, are the days of peace and freedom and we remember the birth of Jesus and eat lots of sweet. Then we are going through the snowy winter in the church and sing to pray for happiness.

アンディ先生のクリスマス ☆ 大阪 保育園 心斎橋 東大阪 梅田 四ツ橋



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信頼の保育園 託児所

by always2006 | 2008-01-18 12:02 | 英語

英語で盛り上がろう♪クリスマスパーティ ☆関西 保育園


☆Christmas Song☆
1 We wish you a Merry Christmas
2 Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

1 Santa Says
Santa Claus says, Touch your nose!
Santa Claus says, Hop on one foot!
Santa Claus says, Stop!

2 Snow Ball

3 Rudolph Dash


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信頼の保育園 託児所
信頼の保育園 託児所
by always2006 | 2007-12-26 13:56 | 英語

Conversation-General ☆保育園 関西

Tom: Good Afternoon everyone.
Everyone: Hello, Tomas.
Tom: What’s your favorite ice-cream?
Fumiya: Vanilla!
Kuha: Chocolate!

Tom: What did you do on the weekend?
Julian: I went to the park.


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信頼の保育園 託児所
by always2006 | 2007-12-14 11:38 | 英語

Andy’s Lesson ☆ 保育園 関西

How is the weather?
What is the time?
How are you today?
Was your Lunch’s Yummy?

ABC, Names, Month,Days

ABC, 123

January, February…
5 Little Monkeys
Head shoulders…
I’m so happy


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信頼の保育園 託児所
by always2006 | 2007-11-19 13:56 | 英語

ハロウィンパーティ 四ツ橋☆保育園 関西

四ツ橋園のハロウィンパーティはMummy Wrapでおおはしゃぎ。トイレットペーパーを使ってお友達をぐるぐる巻きにしてしまう仮装をチームに分かれて、どちらが速くできるかを競います。
Thomas先生と何度も練習したPass the Pumpkins、Rolling Pumkins Rerayも強いチームワークで大接戦でした。
結婚しようよ 関西navi ←New ★超おすすめサイト
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結婚情報 ジェイエム
出会いは 結婚メール.com
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信頼の保育園 託児所

-- [PR] ------------―いま、あなたが「本当に出会いたい人」を診断してみませんか!―――



by always2006 | 2007-11-07 11:49 | 英語

大阪市 中央区 北区 天王寺区 に5園を有する24時間営業の英語の保育園 公開日誌
by always2006